Which chatbot is better, Chat GPT or Google Bard?

Both AI tools are growing, they're in the starting mode now

Elon Musk and Billgates are co-founders of Chat Gpt.

Chat GPT provides more specific answers

Chat Gpt is free

Chat Gpt Plus cost $20 per month

Limited data input

Real-time analysis is preferred by experts

Chat Gpt creates multi purpose contents such as writing, marketing, and social media

Quick and faster

Data analysis can be at risk

If not realtime analysed

Google Bard is another competitive Ai

With huge internet data

Conversational fluency

making it ideal for business applications and chatbots

Integration with other Google services

such as Google Assistant and Google Search

Inaccurate information

As Google Bard is still being launched, it is not ready to provide accurate answers in many fields


It cannot be taken as a zero-risk analysis

Yes, Google Bard AI tool is free to use now

Developing with huge data bank

AI tool with input data

It may not be able to accurately understand or respond to emotional cues