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2. Sports Business Problem solving  Start ups & Businesses

3. Global sports market has grown up to 496.52 billion USD

It has grown up to 39.9% compared to the 2021 report by CAGR


Expected to grow 644.6 billion USD in 2026 to the CAGR report


Sport helps boosting our Physical and Mental Health


Sports are  various Countries' Cultural Part


Sport helps reduce stress, deleting depression physical fitness, and overall Mental health


Sports industry contributes to the country's GDP growth 


American football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer.

Most famous sports are in  the USA ?


 Sports with highest revenue ?


1. (NFL) National Football League  — 13 Billion USD 2. (MLB) Major League Baseball  — 10 Billion USD 3. (NBA) National Basketball Association  — 7.4 Billion USD 4. (Cricket) Indian Premier League  — 6.3 Billion USD 5. English Premier League — 5.3 Billion US

Top 5 sportswear brands in the world?


Nike 44.5 Billion USD (United States) Adidas 23.5 Billion USD (Germany) Puma 6.2 Billion USD (Germany) Under Armour 4.5 Billion USD (United States) New Balance 4.1 Billion USD ( United States)

Having Multi professions  Singer and Basketball player TAYLOR SWIFT


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Suggestions by the famous Keith Goldner(Illinois)?

1. Skill, 2. Networking is important, 3. Ability to communicate, 4. I love, and my work can help a team win.

Source: U.S.BUREAU of Labor Statistics,bls.gov


Here are many latest sports business opportunities

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