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About Prasanta Debbarma

Prasanta Debbarma is a business development analyst. He is also introduced as an affiliate marketer.

“After all, helping others gives happiness”

About Powerlinekey.com

A warm welcome to powerlinekey.com. Global small business,and startups development blog. Since 2011 visiting through the countries,collecting small business experiences, powerlinekey has decided to support Global Small Businesses and founded in the year of 2018 in India by Prasanta Debbarma.  

Its about positive power touch of all small business,start-ups, including international business,(business demand and supply)analytics. This is  a pure innovative, creative,small scale business encouragement.

Additionally, as we all are connected with the social ecosystem, we are committed to social responsibility. Powerlinekey loves to learn & grow itself, helping with others. Powerlinekey cares about eco-friendly, positive social environment.


We believe that the whole world is one Family only. So if you want to develop your business career, want to start earning money and want to be part of global social responsibility then join Powerlinekey.com.


Traveling through the Countries, meeting many individuals & women with small businesses, creating many products, this encourages me to bring the spirit to you by the name of powerlinekey .The unique beauty of colors are the powerlinekey rich resources. The products & services have their own natural, beautiful colors. 

It’s a platform for connecting verified global B2B buyers to the manufacturer. Powerlinekey supports individuals, women, new upcoming brands & Small scale entrepreneurs. Powerlinekey believes sharing, global resources, potential, benefits & supporting each other, partners may bring global sustainable stability and build strong global Social Relationship.

International business is a part of cultural exchange which makes the globe Closer

Powerlinekey Vision

Our vision is to develop startups and entrepreneurship, and build global creative entrepreneur society. Causes entrepreneurship leads the inner spirit.

Powerlinekey Mission

Supporting others, it helps to grow our self every day and gives a great happiness.

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