Home Interior Designer Certificate Course Online

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Home Interior Designer Certificate Course Online


IAP career college:

Course Length:
6 weeks part-time

Price: 149$ only   


Become an Interior Designer with in-demand skills

What an interior decorator does and how to decorate will be taught to you.
How to develop your skills to succeed in an interior design career
Steps to Get Hired for an Interior Decorator Job in your area
and start your own home interior design business.

Study and complete assignments at times that are most convenient for you from the comfort of your own home.

Time duration:

4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks.
Managing based on your schedule.

Becoming an Interior Decorator Professional
In this course, you will learn how to become a professional home interior designer, including how to start up your own interior decorating business.

This affordable online course is for anyone aspiring to a professional career as an interior designer.

Course covered:

  • Introduction to Interior Decorating
  • Interior Decorating vs. Interior Design
  • Benefits of Being an Interior Decorator
  • How to Get Experience in Interior Decorating
  • Decoration Ideas
  • Design Elements
  • Decorating Styles
  • Room Elements
  • Interior Decorating Instructions
  • Getting Hired as an Interior Decorator
  • Identifying job opportunities
  • Who Employed Interior Designers?
  • Interior Decorating Jobs with Retailers
  • Interior Decorating Jobs with Home Builders
  • Interior Decorating and Design Firms
  • Starting Your Own Interior Decorating Business
  • Where to Get Help
  • Interior Decorating Franchises
  • How to Set Up Your Interior Decorating Business
  • Setting Your Fees: A Structure Guide
  • How to work with suppliers and contractors
  • How to Work with Clients
  • How to Help Interior Decorating Clients
  • Identifying client needs
  • Client consultations help.
  • How to Prepare for Your Follow-Up Meeting
  • How to Prepare Project Budgets
  • Decorating plan


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