You are currently viewing How to start up business-company in Germany | Registration | Requirements

How to start up business-company in Germany | Registration | Requirements

How to start up business-company in Germany | Registration | Requirements

If you are thinking about how to establish a business in Germany? Here is the solution to your business preparation in Germany. The business doesn’t only mean GMBH, you can also start up a small-medium scale or freiberuflicher business in Germany.

Starting a business in Germany, you might go through the following steps. Warm Greetings, Great entrepreneurship starts from the moment you connect with your positive mind and your focus on quality.

Hi, My name is Prasanta Debbarma, since 2004 experience with my own business in Germany, I am here to explain how you may start the business journey in Germany. So stay tuned with my Blog powerlinekey, and Youtube Prasanta Business Line.

Table of content:

  • Things to know about Germany?
  • What made Germany so powerful?
  • Why is Germany,s economy so strong?
  • 11Top the reasons behind growing strong German business and currency?
  • Types of business registration in Germany?
  • Freelancer professionals in Germany (Freiberuflich in Germany)?
  • Requirements for business registration in any city in Germany?
  • Can foreigners start a business in Germany?
  • What do you need to apply business license/ register a small business in Germany?
  • Conclusion?

how to start a business in germany

Things to know about Germany before starting a business:

Germany is officially called Deutschland. There are many business opportunities including small-medium scale businesses these days in the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

One of the strong economy-based countries in Europe. Germany is located in Western Europe, Covering an area of 357,022 square kilometers, it’s between the Baltic and the North Sea to the north, and the Alps to the south side as per Wikipedia. Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Germany has borders with Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east Austria and Switzerland to the south, and the west side of France Luxembourg Belgium, and the Netherlands. Germany is the originator or creator member of the Eurozone and European Union.

What made Germany so powerful?

German business brands are known as world-class businesses, Right way education, and training make the country powerful and this is the main reason behind the strong economy of Germany.

German currency growth is mainly based, on various quality products as well as services produced for the global target market, and features, another one is a strong social management system, where everyone can put in their best efforts and approach to the nation’s growth.

Zero corruption and clear quality focus and their micromanagement eco-system help, move faster and more flexibly. Entrepreneurs provide guaranteed world-class quality products and services.

Why is Germany,s economy so strong?

11Top reasons behind growing strong german business and currency :

  • Research and analysis,
  • Constantly developing infrastructure,
  • Micro-level management, German  business
  • A high level of innovation,
  • World-class skill development,
  • Highly qualified labor,
  • Great motivating work culture,
  • Best strategy and policies,
  • Social system,
  • Zero corruption and clean focus,
  • Spirit,

germany berlin business market

Way to Learn, how to start a business in Germany :

Types of business registration in Germany:

  • Small businesses,
  • Registered commercial businesses,
  • Sole proprietors,
  • General partnership (Offene Handelsgesellschaft, OHG),
  • Limited partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft, KG),
  • Limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH),
  • Entrepreneurship company at limited liability (Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) haftungsbeschränkt),
  • Joint-Stock company (Aktiengesellschaft, AG),
  • Branch offices: Liability(Dependent) branch offices – permanent establishments – representative offices,
  • Information offices,
  • Company names,

Freelancer professionals in Germany (Freiberuflich in Germany):

There is another business opportunity called freelance business. They have limited tax liabilities. Those professionals example scholars, researchers, analysts, artists, performers, painters, scientists, authors, teachers, institutions, reporters, doctors, interpreters, dentists, commercial advisors, real estate professionals, attorneys, and a global list of other professions.

Requirements for business registration in any city of Germany / Starting business Steps in Germany :

1. Business permission :

Can foreigners start a business in Germany?

If you are a foreign national, you must have valid permission, resident permits, and no criminal case record for your business establishment.

If you are a foreign national and want to start a business in Germany, in such case you must visit your nearest german embassy (German consulate website) to get all the necessary information, that you require to start a new business in Germany.

Anyhow you can also send an email, they are well-committed and will definitely reply to you.

However for better results, before starting a business you may visit the place for your target market research and analysis.

Business administration training also can be helpful to start up a business in Germany.

German language knowledge :

Learning a german language is necessary because most people prefer to communicate in german.

2. Business capital:

The business capital amount required, you will have to check it out with the German embassy website, this is the important document authority want to see!

3. Gewerbe Anmeldung:

Where ever you want to start a business in Germany, you will have to visit nearby Gewerbeamt for your business license including your Rathaus Anmeldung (Police registration).

Business liability and business employee health insurance, as well as provident fund you have to bear as per German law.

4.Industrie- und Handelskammer:

When your business is growing,you can contact IHK -Germany to get business information and data : (Der schnelle Weg zu Ihrer  mit dem IHK-Finder und Infos zu den wichtigsten Angeboten, Themen und Produkten).

5. Ausland Handelskammer (AHK):

AHK is for foreign business resources and information services. You can also contact AHK-German to get business administrative services example-Business advice, and Business development-related support, and represent German companies globally.

Which wish to develop or expand their business activities in other countries. The AHKs are institutions made for all entrepreneurs’ support.

6. Tax number registration:

Most important you need to get a tax code from your local Finanzamt. After your business license registration, you need your tax code number, or if you are a resident of Germany, they will automatically send you a letter to get your tax code.

7. Business bank account:

There are many banks in Germany, you may choose which is best for your business need. Get the best business bank account in Germany.

8. Special business permission:

Get your business license or permission from the ordnungzamt :

If you are a specialist in any specific business industry, there are separate departments for that example, Food, You need to get clear details and a declaration from the food department, or ordnungzamt. You can get all the necessary-clear information or your question answered, by the Gewerbeamt itself.

start up business in germany,Berlin germany route map

What do you need to apply for your business license | Register a Small business in Germany?

1. Your resident address police registration(Anmeldung),

2.Your resident permission(Visa),

3. Business bank account,

4. Get your business license (Gewerbeschein),

5. Get a tax number from the nearest Finanzamt,

6. Get a health insurance company,

7. Get a tax consultant (Steuerberater),

8. Get your invoice ready,

9. Register your business in AHK,

10. Create one Seo-friendly website:

Where all your Products /Services/Quality/Strategy/Policy/ Contact details are available.


If you are willing to start up a business in Germany, you may take well preparation including market research and analysis. Although margins are high when you supply committed and guaranteed products or services.

That’s it, if you would like to get a little more about international business growth keys, follow my Blog

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