You are currently viewing E-Waste Management Training | Small-Medium scale Entrepreneurship Capacity Building

E-Waste Management Training | Small-Medium scale Entrepreneurship Capacity Building

E-Waste management training | Small-medium scale entrepreneurship capacity building


E-waste management training is offered for small medium-scale new entrepreneurs. It is an E-waste management business capacity-building opportunity for new startups.

The waste management business model is in trending market demand now. We are going to know about various electronics waste management entrepreneurs capacity building opportunities in this Blog. This article source is various  Electronic-electrical-waste management research -analysis reports by Wikipedia, Govt of India websites, Govt of India research -training center visits, Non-Govt websites, and blogs.



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Table of Content:


  • What is E-waste:
  • E-waste management, and wastage are categorized in :
  • Why e-waste management is important:
  • E-waste negative effects:
  • E-waste business management challenges:
  • E-waste management and skill development process by Govt of India | E-waste management business opportunities:
  • Capacity building through E-waste management skill development program:
  • How e-waste turns into business opportunities:
  • list of top ten growing E-waste management companies in the world:
  • Top five E-waste management companies in India:
  • Top E waste-collecting resources and categorizing:
  • Topmost Global e-Waste market in alphabetical order:
  • Govt of India E-Waste management  Training Northeast Center Contact :
  • Conclusion:


What is E-waste:


Electronics and electrical waste are known as e-waste. After one time or a long time used electronics and electrical devices were thrown as E-waste into the world.

Example: Unused mobile phones, computers, circuits, computer batteries, tubes, lights, irons, wires, tv, music systems air conditioning, refrigerators, industrial machinery, medical equipment, and other home appliances.


e-waste management small medium scale entrepreneurship capacity building government training explained by

E-waste management and wastage are categorized in –


Biomedical waste management,

Solid waste management,

Toxic waste management,

And others.


Why electronic-waste management is important:


Electronic waste management is very essential in 21 century. As electronics and electrical devices

are increasingly used. Different Electronic-waste contains silver, iron, platinum, gold, copper, and palladium.

after a certain period of time, it should be recycled for reuse purposes.  Many expensive

Electronic-electrical components have been reused and harmful toxic elements disposed of.

The right e-waste management process may help:

  • Collecting expensive peripherals
  • Recycling process and support toward a friendly environment,
  • Toxic elements Right way disposal.
  • An increasing variety of e wastages also provides business opportunities for many small-medium scale environment-friendly entrepreneurs.



E-waste negative effects:



Dumping Electronics wastages in the landfill or in the water can be harmful to environmental

eco-system. It directly affects air, water, and soil pollution. It can damage central human health and peripheral nervous systems. Toxic elements also affect the Human DNA and Natural immune system.



E-waste business management challenges:


There are some challenges to building electronics waste entrepreneurship-

  • Business demand-supply research and analysis,
  • Providing awareness to the unorganized sector,
  • Collecting different categories of waste,
  • Categorize e-waste elements,
  • Recycling operations,
  • Connecting business demand to business eco-systems,
  • Rural and migrant labor advanced training,
  • Connecting with Electronic-waste management Incubators or business development monitoring centers,



E-waste management and skill development process by Govt of India |  E-waste management business opportunities |


Capacity building through Electronic-waste management skill development program:


electronic-electrical-waste management government training for entrepreneurship capacity building explained blog



Govt of India Skill development program NIELIT welcomes, those who are willing to engage

in the electronic-electrical waste management ecosystem, including


  • Manufacturers,
  • Collection points,
  • Dealers,
  • Retailers,
  • Consumers,
  • Sellers,
  • Purchasers,
  • Collectors,
  • Transporters,
  • Storing,
  • Refurbishers,
  • Dismantlers,
  • Recyclers,
  • Etc.


The government of India’s training and skill development program Offers to help, in improving the complete Electronic-Electrical waste management process in the country. It may also help to generate new employment and small-medium scale entrepreneurship demands and opportunities.

Segregation of various Electronic waste peripherals process initiated under recycling Electronic-electrical-Waste (Management) Rules-2016 by Govt of India.

Ministry of Electronics (MEITY), IT  Govt. of India has established a dedicated course program-

materials through the National Institute of Electronics and IT (NIELIT) Gangtok for developing skills

in various electronic-waste management programs.

Get other on-demand  online skills: Here


Special subsidy:

For Northeast Indian candidates,

You may also read MSME’s latest schemes and benefits: Here



How e-waste turns into business opportunities:


Growing E wastages can meet easily manufacturer raw material collecting demand. Tonnes of

electronic waste can also meet new advanced technological innovations. The traditional dumping processes may recycle only Iron and copper, but an advanced Electronic-Electrical-waste management process can recycle silver, iron, platinum, gold, copper, palladium, etc.

Additionally, an environment-friendly, business model can help, grow harmful toxic elements disposal management in the country.

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list of top ten growing E-waste management companies in the world:


  • MBA Polymers, Germany.
  • Enviro-Hub Holding LTD, Singapore.
  • Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc, Canada.
  • Electronic Recyclers International, Inc, United States of America,
  • Aurubis AG, Germany,
  • Boliden AB, Sweeden,
  • Sims Metal Management LTD, United States of America,
  • Umicore, Belgium.
  • Trojan Electronics LTD, United Kingdom.
  • Accenture, Ireland.



Top five E-waste management companies in India:


1. Attero, India.

2. Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.India.

3. Eco-Wise Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.India.

4. Saahas Zero Waste, India.

5. NEPRA – Let’s Recycle, India.



Top Electronic-electrical waste-collecting resources and categorizing:


  • Office and home use Electronics wastages,
  • Office and home use Electric wastages,
  • Home appliances,
  • Medical wastages,
  • Industrial wastages,
  • Municipal wastages,



Most E-waste is categorized in –


  • Metal:

Iron, silver, iron, platinum, gold, copper, palladium, and toxic elements.

  • plastic,
  • Glass,
  • Toxic elements,
  • others,



Topmost Global e-Waste market in alphabetical order:


  • Australia,
  • Africa,
  • China,
  • Canada,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • India,
  • Italy,
  • Japan,
  • Latin America,
  • Russia,
  • South Korea,
  • UK,
  • In the United States of America,
  • UAE,


Govt of India E-Waste management  Training Northeast Center Contact :


Interested candidates may register Here:

NIELIT, Gangtok,India.



Join NIELIT Sikkim Gangtok center:


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Electronic-electrical-waste management entrepreneurship opportunities are present market on demand and additionally, it is an environment-friendly business model around the Globe now. A project clustering engagement may also build an effective small-medium enterprise community.



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