You are currently viewing 7 profitable small scale international business opportunities in Tripura-India

7 profitable small scale international business opportunities in Tripura-India

7 Profitable small-scale international business opportunities in Tripura-India:


Business opportunities are created by the present market demand and supplies. The local environment is also important to start up small-scale international businesses and their growth.

Tripura is one of the northeastern states in India. It is also included with astho Laxmi state in India.  Tripura has a border with Bangladesh, and other Indian neighboring states Assam, and Mizoram. Because of geographical resources and the business environment, there are many top businesses are on the list.

In this article, we are going to know the international business opportunities which meet in place Tripura, a Northeast part of India. These business opportunities are also open for any sweet tourist places in the globe. Not only big-size businesses these are all about micro small and medium-scale business opportunities.



Table of content:


  • About Tripura tourism business environment:
  • Benefits and advantages of the tourism business:
  • Homestay service business opportunities:
  • Why homestay service growing:
  • What are the most important factors for a homestay business startup:
  • A homestay business provider may provide :
  • Starting a homestay Business
  • Travel planning and travel guide business opportunities:
  • Hostel service business opportunities:
  • Car and bike rental business opportunities:
  • Local food supply service business opportunities:
  • Locally made products and souvenir stores:
  • Adventure business opportunities:



  • Which are Innovative tourism business opportunities?
  • How to start a tourism business from home?
  • How to connect with Tripura government tourism online?
  • how to connect with the Indian Tourism national government service faster?
  • How to apply for tourism business funding from the startup India seed fund scheme online?

About Tripura tourism business environment | Tourism business analysis


There are many reasons for tourism business opportunities in Tripura, India. Tripura is a 38 lakh population state located in the northeastern part of India. It’s a multicultural state living together. Because of several hills located in Tripura, it is tuned with beautiful nature and tourist places. The hill station can be explored by creating a great needful adventure place and national-international tourism business opportunities.

Mostly four hills are famous in Tripura, one is called Barmura, another is Atharomura, then longtorai and Jampui hill.
3000 ft above sea level, Jampui hill is one of the famous hill stations in Tripura. This is the highest top place in Tripura, another interesting fact is, nearby local villages and the cleanest village known in Tripura.

Also, Tripura transports have recently been established and connected with highways, the Internet, railways, and airways. This transport model is also known HIRA model. There are also recent waterway projects going on.

This is the perfect match for a profitable tourism business. The tourism business model is one of the financially boosting business models in the globe.

After powerlinekey international business analysis, we are going to introduce the 7 most profitable small-scale national and international business opportunities in Tripura.



tourism business opportunities in tripura

Benefits and advantages of the tourism business:


Visiting new places is a part of great education, which may give you a real-life education and experience. Adventure is required to make a good work balance. it also helps us to learn how to make a tour plan. Practicing making small plans can provide you with a better experience to create a big work plan because Planning is the first step of any work achievement.

When it comes to adventure, it can give you many profitable small-scale business service opportunities. These are Tourism business ideas in India, which environments are demandable business service opportunities today.

It can help you to serve a world-class tourist place and other side expanding local potential, which may give you financial benefits and many income possibilities.
Here are 7 profitable small-scale international business opportunities you can start up today.

Here are on-demand skill development courses you can start for Free.

Homestay service business opportunities:


Homestay accommodation service is a great source of local income. If you have a room near tourist places, and you may prepare yourself for a tourism business startup, you can turn into providing homestay accommodation service. It is one of the growing worldwide small business opportunities.

Why homestay service growing:


Homestay service is growing because it’s reasonable for both parties, travelers, and service providers. Because there are many tourists, who love to visit new places and learn about new cultures, and new people. It is also one effective platform to learn and expand your own resources.



business oppotunities in tripurs by powerlinekey

1. Starting a homestay Business | A homestay business provider may provide | What are the most important factors for a homestay business startup:


  • A secure stay service,
  • Verify booking,
  • Committed service,
  • Get a government tourism license,
  • Follow tourism rules and regulations,
  • Create a clean business profile explained in detail,
  • No hidden costs,
  • Get tourism business professional service training,
  • Collect customer feedback,
  • Connect with the professional homestay service platform,


2. Travel planning and travel guide business opportunities:


Travel planning and travel guide are the most important steps of the tourism business, in different tourist places. A travel guide helps travelers make a well-organized satisfactory tour plan. A transparent tour plan provides win-win business possibilities.


3. Hostel service business opportunities:


Providing hostel accommodation is mostly offered for students, groups, and individuals for an affordable stay. There are many professional hostel service provider platforms you may connect with.


4. Car and bike rental business opportunities:


Providing rental car and bikes are a well-known tourism business service worldwide. In some places, bicycles are also hired in tourist places. For better tourism business self-analysis, you may search rental bike and car business opportunities on Google.


4. Film city business model opportunities:


The film city business model is one of the most profitable business models in the world. A film production studio where various filmmaking directors and producers can get supportive infrastructure to produce cost-effective films. Film directors need a good location and environment for their filmmaking.
Making film city or sweetly film shooting spot location can be created easily. This is one of the perfect match tourism business growth models. Here you can see the world-famous Ramoji film city video tour.



tourism business opportunities by

5. Local food supply service business opportunities:


Local food supply is a preferable business model because it is made by personal care and love. Every tourist place has its own famous known food, which is preferable. Local Food with nutrition facts and freshness have more local cultural touch. It is fine when food nutrition is explained on the menu.

6. Local-made products and souvenir stores:


Every place has its own unique products, which can be sold in a tourism store. The best local products are always in business demand. As a remembering tourist who loves to buy souvenirs or gift products, it can be a profitable small business model for small business startups.
In the right way, local-made products selling business also encourages local business growth and expansion. Here you may enquire about eco-friendly foreign manufacturing services for your own brand.

7. Adventure business opportunities:


Adventures are an important part of tourism business growth. It can be summer adventure, winter adventure, fun adventure, photographic adventure, all different sweet adventures business models can be created with the right business plan. Especially in hilly places, hill climbing adventure is more famous.



tourist place in tripura by powerlinekey

Which are Innovative tourism business opportunities?


Homestay accommodation services and personal guides, personal care, and homemade food supplies are innovative tourism business opportunities. Where a small village member can offer good customer care, where visitors get better competitive personal care service.

After one clearly planned satisfactory customer service and visitor recommendation may boost his or her homestay worldwide.


How to start a tourism business from home?


Get a tourism license from the government authority and get professional training for the best tourist service from home. You may also connect with global homestay networks online.



How to connect with Tripura government tourism online?


You may connect with the Tripura Government tourism website here:


How to connect with the Indian Tourism national government service faster?


You may get Government of India tourism service information faster online here.



How to apply for tourism business funding from the startup India seed fund scheme online?


You can get financial assistance for your business startups with the help of Govt of India startup India seed fund scheme, you can apply online here.





The first step would be finding the right niche from these 7 small-scale international business opportunities, second step would be problem-solving tourism business preparation, may connect with tourism, and boosting long-time earning possibilities.

Opportunities are open for all until they turn into action for entrepreneurs’ success. If you feel this article is helpful please share it with others, sharing good things is itself a great inspiration.



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