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Artificial Intelligence Tool helps Business Growth

Artificial intelligence helps business growth



Artificial intelligence is an advanced machine learning system that can help different users including global business growth. It is a complete data science with the next generation techniques. In this article, we are going share the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) example and how it can help your own business dashboard grow.



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  • What artificial intelligence is :
  • How AI is used for business development:
  • Example of artificial intelligence:
  • Artificial intelligence chatbot by Google, Bard:
  • Benefits of AI chatbots:
  • Conclusion:


What artificial intelligence is :


In simple words, “artificial intelligence” is an advanced computer system or tool developed from various information or data sources.
A robotic technology that is mostly used for different projects or problem-solving purposes. It is
more used in gathering knowledge and upgrading own skills. It has a greater data storage capacity, which aids in frequently asked questions and answers.
AI chatbot uses to provide preloaded information to serve consumers better.


artificial intelligence tool for business development



How AI is used for business development:


As it is machine intelligence made by humans and has the capacity for huge quantities of database storage, this knowledge can be gathered for various business developments.
in some cases, AI is faster than humans. For example, for research and analysis purposes AI is greatly used today. AI may help Gather current business demand and make a strategy to start up your own business.

According to the Google Keyword Planner tool, millions of people searched for “artificial intelligence” in a single month. Future technology may help entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe. It’s about machine learning and data science with technology.


Example of artificial intelligence:


Chat GPT is one of the best examples of AI and was launched by Open AI in November 2022. Chat GPT is becoming more popular around the world. Chat GPT is a pre-trained, advanced bot machine that answers questions quickly. If this information maintains accuracy, it can compete with Google’s search engine in the future.
Using chat, GPT users, especially students, and businesses, can easily find their questions answered faster.

Artificial intelligence chatbot by Google, Bard:


Google CEO Sundar Pichai launched an artificial intelligence system called Bard on 6 February 2023, as a tester with limited access. It has been released as a primary version to take place in the next generation with An advanced machine learning system. Because of Google’s large database, Bard AI can compete with other AI tools. Businesses can get their questions answered directly
using this artificial intelligence platform.

As  Sundar Pichai shared on Twitter, Bard is the world’s knowledge provider, providing the latest technology.

Users can get the latest information from the world wide Web faster. Bard AI has an advantage over other AI platforms because of its huge data source.

google ceo sundar pichai quotes about bard ai


google ceo sundar pichai says about bard ai


Benefits of AI chatbots:

There are many benefits we can get from the latest technology of an AI chatbot, including

  • Quick question and answer,
  • 24/7 Customer service facility,
  • Providing business information and guide,
  • Saving cost and time,
  • Resolving the customer engagement problem,
  • Multilanguage communication,
  • Collecting consumers’ feedback,
  • Business consistency,
  • Research and analysis,
  • Gathering massive knowledge,
  • Micro, small, and medium-sized businesses have fantastic opportunities.




Artificial intelligence is a great tool that can be used to develop continuous knowledge in different fields. If you are willing to develop a new problem-solving business or upgrade your skill to the global scale, then crosschecking with multi ai tools and research is recommended by powerlinekey.

Every AI tool provides its best service as per its own knowledge, as a user it is up to you, how you use artificial intelligence to develop the best problem-solving business dashboard or entrepreneurship.

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