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Renewable Energy Resources | Entrepreneurship | Real Facts

Renewable Energy Resources | Entrepreneurship | Real Facts

As per global energy demand and supplies, it is essential sufficient to understand the right energy production and its renewable resources.
Energy also plays the most important role in our daily life, for example, energy uses in homes, industries, offices, transport, and many other sectors.
Commonly used energy resources example fuels, gas, coal, and nuclear. These are limited natural energy resources, too much use of the planet’s mother sources can encourage climate and environmental changes.
In 21 century we got to know many other potential natural energy resources, that can be used as renewable energy. In this article, we are going to know about renewable energy sources, Energy entrepreneurship, facts, advantages, and disadvantages.

Table of Content:

  • Renewable energy definition – Global overview:
  • Current top renewable energy sources:
  • Solar renewable energy system | Solar energy definition
  • Wind renewable energy | Wind energy introduction
  • Water renewable energy advantage| water energy facts
  • Hydro renewable energy:
  • Tidal renewable energy | What is tidal energy:
  • Renewable energy and green energy entrepreneurship:
  • Renewable energy real facts:
  • Renewable Energy advantages and disadvantages:
  • Conclusion:

Renewable energy definition – Global overview:

renewable energy resources-entrepreneurship-facts by powerlinekey

Huge natural power is a source of renewable energy, tuning with the natural ecosystem, energy can be generated again and again without harming the environment.

For example air, water, sun, earth, and various solid waste can be also transformed into green energy.

As per the 2022 report on total U.S. energy consumption 46% of energy produces by solar, and 17% is energy by the wind.
In India, it is About 5,000 trillion kWh per year of energy is produced over India.
Germany produces more than 49% of total energy consumption.
In France it is about, The country plans- assure to increase renewable energy consumption to 32% by 2030.
As per global energy demand, almost all countries intents to increase their own renewable energy production.

Current top renewable energy sources:

Solar renewable energy system | Solar energy definition

solar renewable energy source

Solar energy is the top renewable energy resource in the world. The sun provides lights, heat, and energy for all environments.
The sun has great heat, and it seems increasing, which can be transformed into renewable energy. The use of solar power can also balance fuel and gas use.

Wind renewable energy | Wind energy introduction

wind renewable energy sources by powerlinekey

Wind energy is another top renewable energy resource in the world. You may require an energy converter or generator between natural wind and your need.
Wind turbines are greatly used in many countries, the best thing is turbines don’t require any fuels.
Many micros, small and medium turbines can be set for needed daily home energy and other commercial purposes. The best example
European-based wind energy production company successfully implemented home-based micro small renewable energy wind tree.
watch here:

Water energy advantage| water energy facts

water renewable energy source

Water is the most popular source of renewable energy. water energy has many advantages.
There are two types of water available salt water and another is sweet water, both types of water can be used for renewable energy production.
Saltwater has molecule- magnesium can be processed and transformed into green energy.
There is one small-medium scale Colombian-based startup (Combined with Wayuu and E-Dina), which is generating water light through the salt water Ionization process.
In this process, they transform light from salt water molecule-magnesium. There are also many other ways to produce green energy from ocean water.

Hydro renewable energy:

hydro renewable energy power

Hydro energy is generated by water, using various hydro turbines. Flowing water or weaves are the main
resources of hydro energy power. Micro small and medium hydro turbines using water flows are
effective hydro energy sources around the globe.

Tidal renewable energy | What is tidal energy:

tidal energy explained by blog

Tidal energy is another powerful renewable energy source, which is produced in the
ocean using with rising and fall of weaves.

Biomass green energy | Biomass definition

biomass energy by

Biomass energy produces from various biomass materials, for example, wooden waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste, household waste, animal waste, etc.
After processing These garbage materials biomass energy is produced.

Renewable energy and green energy entrepreneurship:

Producing renewable Energy and suppling has one of the most demandable entrepreneurship opportunities. With huge energy demand on the world market, these types of problem-solving entrepreneurship can contribute to your and your country’s financial growth.
As long term use of geothermal energy production techniques can be harmful to the natural

Renewable energy real facts:

1. Renewable and green energy production can supply global energy demand without damaging nature.
2. Solar energy production is booming in the world.
3. Most commonly used renewable energy source is water.
4. Americans are producing more percentage of wind energy and biomass energy.
5. Geothermal energy is less preferred by most people.
6. European countries are producing more Wind energy.
7. Renewable energy -Green energy can help reduce emissions of global carbon dioxide.
8. Solar energy and wind energy seem low-cost renewable energy projects.
9. India is 3rd largest renewable energy producer in the world.
10. Micro renewable energy projects can build effective entrepreneurship.
11. First hydroelectric power was invented by William Armstrong — in England the year of 1878.
12. These four countries are producing almost 100% energy from renewable energy sources. Iceland, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Norway.
13. Renewable energy project helps reduce global warming.
14. As per sweet environmental renewable project is the best for the result.

Renewable Energy advantages and disadvantages:

Renewable energy advantages and disadvantages”
Renewable energy is the latest technique with new innovations. It depends on which renewable technology projects are in
use. it also depends on which environment or service provider or places it is installed.
However noted points are the following:

Renewable Energy Disadvantages:

1. Tidal renewable energy projects seem costly,
2. Biomass energy produces pollution,
3. To produce a huge quantity of renewable energy infrastructure capital costs seems still expensive.
4. The purpose of home use, some Renewable energy projects are not still accessible everywhere.

Renewable Energy Advantages:

1. Because of the high technology taking place, Solar renewable power generators are available for home, micro, and medium projects.
2. Micro Wind power generators are also introduced and successfully implemented.
3. Salt water for renewable power productions and micro water power generators are available on the market.
4. Different varieties of renewable energy generators are introduced.
5. Global major focus is to produce renewable energy because it is green energy without harming the environment.
6. The major renewable energy projects produce no carbon dioxide or waste, It is better because It supplies human energy needs and supports the environment.


All country experts and analysts recommend environment-friendly renewable energy resources as current and future energy supplies.
Your valuable comment and share may also contribute to to get more people to reach, awareness, and support the natural environment nearby.
We appreciate your valuable time, Thank You.

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