You are currently viewing How solar energy affects your monthly income growth when you know these disadvantages

How solar energy affects your monthly income growth when you know these disadvantages

How solar energy affects your monthly income growth when you know these disadvantages

Solar system:

Solar energy is produced by natural sunlight power. The best thing about solar energy is, it is produced on your own. It directly affects and saves your daily use energy expenditure. This is the advanced eco-friendly technology of how sun radiant light and heat diverted into green energy for global power supply.

Table of content :

  • Solar system:
  • Different Types of the solar system:
  • Why solar energy is good for your home:
  • Solar energy benefits:
  • Solar system installation requirements:
  • Solar energy disadvantages:
  • How long solar panels should last?
  • Which license do I require to install a solar energy system in India?
  • Conclusion :

Different Types of the solar system:

There are 3 different types of solar systems mostly known on the market.

  1. On-grid solar system:

An on-grid power system generates the power when the utility power grid is available. It may connect to the power grid to perform the process. On-grid solar system used for most commercial power supply purposes.

  1. Off-grid solar system:

In the off-grid solar system, you can produce power and store it in the battery and use it as per its requirements and capacity.

  1. Hybrid solar system:

The hybrid solar system has both functions, and technology here you can store and export power.

solar system

Why solar power is good for your home?

Solar power is the substitute way of daily use electric power production and reducing your monthly power bill. Off-grid solar systems are used usually in small houses and more in private use.

Huge energy demand can be fulfilled by using a solar power system, once Solar panels are installed in a roof and converting from DC to AC energy is stored in a battery and distributes to the necessary power supply.

It is your one-time investment that can run many years long, which means you don’t have to pay any monthly power bill.

You should measure the amount of energy consumption and the cost per day in your house. As per you may set up your solar system panel in your home.


Solar energy benefits:

  1. Green energy: That means it is produced by sunlight, which means eco-friendly no co2 produced. No need to burn fossil fuel, no exhaust, no pollution, and no noise.
  2. Cost-effective: After a one-time installment, you can save your monthly power bill.
  3. Environment friendly: Solar power is safe in all environments example-Animal, plants, and humankind; it is safe to use and has no natural imbalance.
  1. Future business growth:

As per huge global power demand, it can be also used for business purposes. Measuring your local power supply-demand you can install the right setup to produce green energy and supply to your customer. Example – Road stick light, Area charging station, Small Market power supply, Commercial power supply, etc.

It is also one of the future concepts of green energy resources. 

  1. Business opportunities:

Now, these days most developing countries are producing solar energy, therefore there is huge market demand for solar system equipment. it is also a new business opportunity to produce quality competitive solar energy parts, panels, inverters, and batteries.

  1. Minimum maintenance:

Most solar energy companies are providing a guarantee or warranty period time.

Yearly base, it may require to recheck solar equipment and clean if necessary, as per company instructions.

Solar system installation requirements:

  1. Measure your solar power daily requirement: You need to know your exact daily base power requirement, with that you would be able to calculate your solar panel’s quantity of requirements and the final expenditure. As per your energy demand and solar system availability you may go for on-grid or off-grid or hybrid solar system installation.
  2. A sweet able place to install solar panels:

For solar installation, you may select the right place in your home, which can consume the best sunlight and long-term panel installation. Easy and flexible setup is more convenient.

  1. Inverter,
  2. Battery,
  3. Electrical connection equipment
  4. A guaranteed supplier with customer support.

solar energy productionsolar energy productionsolar energy installer

Solar energy disadvantages:

  1. It depends on sunlight and sweet able weather environment.
  2. It can be difficult sometimes to get a local guaranteed long-term solar installer.
  3. without knowing your daily/monthly energy measurement and products quality analysis it can be a loss deal.


How long solar panels should last?

Most of the time some company offers 20 to 25 years long-lasting, with following company proper instructions.

Which license do I require to install a solar energy system in India?

There are three types of solar systems mostly known on the market.

  1. Solar on grid: Solar on-grid system you need permission from your local power department but also it depends on the quantity of your power production and state government rules.
  2. Solar off-grid:

3. Hybrid solar system:

Solar off-grid is the typical solar system where energy is stored in a battery and distributes to the power supply. If you want to install for your personal or low amount of panels, then you don’t need any extra license.

However, if you are planning to install a huge range of solar grids or panels, and you use any electricity connection during your solar installation system, then you might get clearance from the authority.

Conclusion :

Solar energy produces green energy and, it is nature friendly, due to huge global power demand it can be a great power resource. This is also could be a growing future business idea, which can supply global energy business demand.


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