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Business Plan Ideas | Small Medium Enterprises Planning

Business Plan Ideas | Small Medium Enterprises Planning

What is the business plan:


Starting a new business a business plan is an important part of any small-medium business. Writing a business plan helps implement your practical goal objectives. It is a roadmap for how your business run forward. It helps you more concentrated business process run.

It’s about your entrepreneurship complete journey and execution steps toward daily business development results. Writing a Business plan also helps to organize your daily work schedule. Connecting your daily effort with your business goal. Your model business plan ideas are the following.


Table of content | Business plan road map:


What is a business plan?

A.Business idea

B.Small-medium business formation

C.Business plan implementation


A.Business idea

Executive summary:

  • Small-medium business Market research and analysis:
  • Small-medium enterprises Market and competition:
  • Products and services:
  • Business Benefits:


B.Small-medium business formation

  • Selecting company formation type:
  • Business location | Why the right business location is important for marketing and supply:
  • Business raw material resources:
  • Capital requirement and investment:

1. Business infrastructure development investment:

2.Business run investement:


C.Business plan implementation

  • Targeting customer:
  • Business marketing:
  • Small-medium enterprise sales channel:
  • Customer relationship management:
  • Customer feedback:
  • Product cost identification:
  • Small-medium business strategy and policy:
  • Micro, Small Medium enterprises profitability and liquidity:
  • Additional business plan | Plan B





business plan for small medium enterprises format by

A.Business idea:

Executive summary:

An executive business summary may include your

  • Business introduction,
  • Vision,
  • Mission,
  • Objectives.
  • Your company background,
  • Market problem-solving points,
  • Product or service description,
  • How your product or service supports environments,
  • The purpose of the business startup.


Market research and analysis:


Before starting a new business, your business plan should have proper real market research and analysis reports. Your focused target market, Your target customer segments, customer profile, how you connect with your customer, and Present market demand and supply potential.

The real value and quality of your product or service should match the market segments.


Market and competition:


When you enter the market you may need to know about your product or service quality and potential.

How many suppliers are available in the market? The difference between other competitors’ product quality and your service quality value. Your business idea should be a model business idea.


Products and services planning:


Why do you choose this product and plan to supply it?

What are the benefits?

Your supplying products, or effects of social contribution?

How long you are able to supply your product?

Does your product upgradable?

You may know well about your product or service structure. Does Your product price affordable

to the customer, and the most important point is whether it is profitable.

Fulfilling Customer needs:


How far your products or service can fulfill customer needs? Does your product has such potential to bring back the same customer and develop the customer chain?


Micro, Small Medium Business Benefits planning:

writing a small medium business revenue growth plan free


When we talk about Micro Small and Medium Business benefits, it may follow a win-win situation for customers and suppliers both. It is not only one-time financial earnings, for example, if you are a manufacturer you should count and know about your end customers’ benefits, distributer benefits, and production benefits. Any product or service builds an image in society, it should be positive.



B.Business formation and licensing:


Choosing company formation type plan:


At the point of business or company legal formation is very important. You may need to be clear, about which company formation is the best at the moment for that location. Your standard business should have the right company formation and all necessary registration or licenses. There are different company formation types in India, for example-


  • OPC
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Private-Ltd Company
  • Public-Ltd Company
  • Unlimited-Company
  • Joint Hindu Family business
  • Partnership-Company
  • Cooperatives Or Society
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Liaison Office or head office or representative office
  • Branch Office.



Business location plan | Why the right business location is important for marketing and supply:


Business location is essential because it is also part of the business marketing strategy for physical stores. The right product supply in the right place fulfills customers’ current needs.

If it is a physical retail store then it should come under customer serving a purpose, if it is a manufacturing unit, the resource of raw materials and easy transportation facilities are required.


Business raw material resources planning:

Business purchase or manufacturing costs should be minimal compared to other competitors. Your business profitability starts counting from here. Raw material availability and resources are one major part of business profitability.


Business Capital requirement and investment plan:business investment plan template by


Micro,small-medium business needs business capital investment, There are mostly two types of business investments:


1. Business infrastructure development investment:


Business infrastructure development investment is a one-time investment, for example, building your manufacturing place or office or retail store.

As per your business model, it requires an example table, chair, electricity, machinery, computers, machines, internet, and other office expenses.


2.Business run investement:


For the purpose of business-run investment, you need liquid money for purchasing your raw material or product or service, employee salary, etc.

Before you sell your product you may go through different processing steps, it depends on different business models. Right Education to employees or skills, is also an important investment, which is very essential for any small-medium enterprise.

If you looking for a collateral-free loan, you may know this.




C.Business plan implementation


Targeting customer plan:


Targeting the right market or specific customer segment identifies your clear business goal. Which country, area, age, sex, and purposes are solving your selling product? Your product should connect to the right market demand-supply.


Business marketing plan:


Business marketing is one essential part of any business. For example, if you have some specific skill for some purpose, that skill might need to connect with those segments’ demand or service needed. 

Business marketing is not forcefully selling something. It is your business or product or service presentation, you may need to represent your product to the right demandable platform.

There are many methods of business marketing now, the most popular is physical marketing another is digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the fastest high-tech marketing process in the 20th century. Mostly it seems that small-medium enterprises have a marketing observation gap for their distribution goal.


Micro, Small-medium enterprise sales channel:


After production or after getting your product from the distributor or dealer, it may require a market selling process. For example, if you are an importer, you should build one sale distributor channel for a flexible distribution method.

Your focus should be your end customer service through the right channel and his or her valuable feedback. In between mismanagement should cut out, and the right value should flow through the complete demand-supply channel.


Customer relationship management:


Customer service and relationship is one pick point, which may decide whether your brand extends or not. Your business team management method should focus on whether the customer right value is distributed or not and customer behavior.

If the right value is distributed through your product or services your single customer multiplies several customers.


Customer feedback:


Customer feedback collection can help your business correction or modification if required. Customer feedback collection is the effective method that most large-scale companies are always following.


Product cost identification:


Before finalizing Product or service cost you may take time for your competitor’s product, quality, and market demand, analysis. You may also keep in mind your business supply Value and Long term problem-solving relationship.


Small-medium business strategy and policy plan:


Business strategy and policy help your business go forward in an organized way. The most important is your brand should have some principal. Small-medium enterprises should follow their best business expansion strategy and policy.

For example, small-medium scale businesses may have low competition products or services. There should be some specialty in their supplies, and ensure products guarantee, etc.



Small Medium enterprises profitability and liquidity plan:


Your implemented business plan should meet profitability. Your monthly or yearly running business graph can show your business profitability or business risk percentage.

You may write it down, you are expecting the monthly earning amount, after all, including all cost and expenses deduction calculations.

For example If you plan your business goal for 3 years, you should multiply the monthly earning amount by 36 months, it would be your total three-year earning money goal.

Some month’s graphs could be up and down, at the time of starting a new startup, but Your half-yearly or yearly turnover goal graph can help you understand your business profitability master role.

Additional business plan | Plan B

why plan b is important for small medium enterprises explained by
An additional business plan or plan B is the substitute business backup plan, in case the business faces any emergency or business loss, for that you may always keep in mind extra financial backup or other supportive businesses lose backup.
Extra fund,
Business insurance,
Business saving, etc.



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