You are currently viewing International business | Import export business training and procedure in 11 steps

International business | Import export business training and procedure in 11 steps

International business: Import-export business training and procedure in 11 steps


International business is the most profitable business model if you provide values. A warm Welcome to how to start up your own business guide blog.  

In this article, we are going to know the crucial parts of international business or trading and the easy 11 steps to start up your own global successful business.


Table of content:


  • International business definition : 
  • International business Barriers:
  • Import and export business procedure :
  • Steps to start import export business explained :
  • Import-export business advantages :
  • Import-export business disadvantages :
  • Conclusion:




International business definition : 


International Business is now the most profitable, standard business in any country. International business is the business between different countries, which is monitored by both governments and sharing resources as per global demand and supply policy. It is the most organized business sector because it is regulated by both trading countries.

Many small medium-scale businesses and manufacturing have begun their global business expansion as exporters and serving foreign markets.

international business

International business Barriers:


Export barriers are divided into four large categories as per Wikipedia: motivational, informational, operational-resource-based, and knowledge.

Trade barriers are government laws, regulations, policies, or practices that respect and protect domestic and international rules. The special country may produce special unique quality, competitive products or services for the global market.


international business


Import and export business procedure  | Steps to start import export business explained :


Here are these important steps to start up your own successful global business supply.


Starting Import export business Step 1.

Inquiry/verification/presentation –

In the first step, you may inquire about your buyer

  • Identification,
  • Verify genuine business,
  • Own presentation,
  • Understanding properly business demand,
  • Goods or services in detail,


Receiving importer demand details In his or her written company pad is convenient. Developing competitive quality, potential products, or services is most recommended.


international business


Import-export business Step 2.


Developing sample –


Develop product samples and share product sample peace with each other as supply commitment, and finalize supply terms and conditions. This sample would be the commitment to future business growth. As per many successful entrepreneurs’ quotes, There should be no difference between sample and product supply.


international business


Import-export business Step 3.


Contact shipping company and goods insurance company –


If you are new, in import export business then contact the authorized forwarding agent, to get all the necessary requirement details. An authorized forwarding agent may help clear all paper works through customs clearance etc.


Import-export business Step 4.

Sending quotation/terms and conditions/Pro-forma invoice –


Send a quotation or proforma invoice with clear details of your product or service. A quotation is the business pillar between buyer and seller.

  • # Price
  • # Quality
  • # Quantity
  • # Description of goods
  • # Mode of payment
  • # Mode of transportation
  • # Process of packing goods
  • # packing material to be used.

Import-export business Step 5.

Getting clearance from the importer and starting production


Seller may Receive sending quotation approved by the importer with seal and sign then after starting production is convenient. Importer clearance is also important when submitting a bank request for a production loan, or LC.



import export business training

Import-export business step 6.


Commercial invoice 


Choosing the best secure payment mode from different payment modes information will be available in your Bank. Prepare commercial invoice and register ad code by the custom in the port of shipment.



Import-export business step 7.


Prepare shipping instructions/packing list-


A packaging list is important for export-import businesses because that helps border customs officials identify the right goods as per the list shown. Follow international goods shipping instructions, which will be easily available from the customs and freight forwarding agent. Prepare the contents of the packing list item by item and create an origin certificate.



import export business training

Import-export business step 8.

Submitting shipping bill-


Shipping bills to customs should be submitted by his/herself or an authorized custom house agent.



Import-export business step 9.

Loading of goods –


international business


The exporter or agent may submit their product packages and a shipping bill to the transport agent. Now responsibility turns to transport companies.


Import-export business step 10.


Bill of lading-


Bill of lading is provided by the Transport Company after loading goods in the career.



Import-export business step 11.


Getting duty drawback | Submit all documents to the importer and apply for export drawback-


After Sending all documents to the importer, with that, he or she will be able to collect the order shipment.

Additionally, you may also apply for an export duty drawback from the Government authority(India). Information will be available through the Government of India DGFT portal.



Import-export business advantages :


Exporting can get foreign currency income experience, boosts his or her economy as well as the country’s economy, It helps to avoid the cost of establishing and manufacturing high-priced operations for the destination country.

Exporting may help a company to get quality competitive products, develop sharing policy, achieve experience, Ownership advantages, international experience, and the ability to develop competitive quality low-cost or unique products and connects the globe closer.



Import-export business disadvantages | May care


Exporting may not be possible unless the right business locations or buyers are verified abroad.

Without strategic or market analysis high product costs or transport costs can make exporting an at-risk zone.

Without following a secure policy, secure payment, international trade procedure, and long-term business policy trade barriers can make exporting uneconomical and risky.

For small and medium businesses (SMEs), export is generally more difficult without a market analysis, if your products or services are not unique or part of the market demand and competitive quality. 

You can get the necessary skill training at an international standard business school for free: Here




By finding the right demand and supplying values in a strategic way anyone can start an international business and serve globally. With this international business or import-export business steps explained by, anyone can start a foreign business.

The explained steps are mostly the same in all countries, but it is still preferred to check with local import-export business authorities nearby.

Here quality and commitment are the main factors, rest of the process seems hard at first, but then becomes an automatic process. If you feel this article is helpful, please share it with others, because sharing is a part of global business.



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