You are currently viewing Nepal top 20 imports demand | International Business-Trade Data

Nepal top 20 imports demand | International Business-Trade Data

Nepal top 20 imports demand | International Business-trade data



International business and trading are part of cultural exchange. If you are willing to start up an import-export business then Nepal is one of your top trade partners for you. Nepal is a famous country in Asia, country has 28.1 million population as per Wikipedia. Nepal is also famous known because of its Wonderful Himalayas.

Neighboring countries are India, China, Tibet, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. In this article, we are going to share Nepal’s top 20 imports demand. This international business analysis is made by collecting from various websites, international business trade data analysis, and powerlinekey research.



Table of content:

  • About Nepal International business environment :
  • International business and trade policy in Nepal :
  • Nepal Government’s latest Import products list :
  • Which country exports to Nepal (Nepal international business relationship)?
  • Nepal’s topmost import countries?
  • What can I export to Nepal as a small-scale international market demand?
  • Conclusion:



About Nepal International business environment :


Nepal is one of the international business and trading partner countries in South Asia. Nepal imports from many countries, after lockdown import demands, are changing in Nepal and also other international trading countries.

Here you find the latest Nepal imports and international trade data, for starting your new import and export business.

Nepal is officially called the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Nepal is one of the growing Asian countries, famously known for the wonderful Himalayas view. Nepal’s neighboring countries are India, China, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Nepal’s Population is approx 29,768,564.

The economy of Nepal is mainly dependent on agriculture, tourism, and remittances.
Nepalese currency is called NPR. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. Momo is one of the well-known food in Nepal.

There are a lot of foreign tourist visits which makes Nepal more International, as well as an international business environment.



international business and international trade data



International business and trade policy in Nepal :


Nepal has a more open and transparent import-export business policy. The import rules and regulations are managed by the Government, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies (MoICS)


Nepal Government’s latest Import products list in 2021 report:


1 Quality Diesel 24,514,325,146
2 Crude soya bean oil 17,678,468,252
3 M.S Billet 16,332,569,471
4 Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) 8,505,931,483
5 Petrol 6,641,858,464
6 Gold, semi-manufactured forms 6,275,574,112
7 Cellular phones or cordless devices, 5,810,036,292
8 Other Uria 5,056,094,867
9 Medicines, 4,913,043,712
10 Rice, Brown rice 4,791,122,738
11 Crude sunflower oil 4,509,230,361
12 Iron  4,051,184,282
13 Coal 4,014,393,297
14 Maize corn 3,950,105,664
15 Non-alloy steel  3,795,903,624
16 Vaccines for human 3,742,034,213
17 Motorcycles and parts 3,531,134,350
18 Metal Bar and steel rods, hot rolled metal,  Motor coils,  3,053,852,307
19 Others Paddy 3,012,447,624
20 Polypropylene 2,921,360,913



Which country exports to Nepal (Nepal international business relationship) | Nepal’s topmost import countries?


As per 2021 reports, Nepal’s top 20 largest trading partner countries are :


Nepal’s largest import countries data :


1. India
2. China P. R.
3. Argentina
4. U.A.E.
5. Korea R
6. Bangladesh
7. Australia
8. U.S.A.
9. Ukraine
10 Indonesia
11. Turkey
12. Thailand
13. Malaysia
14. South Africa
15. Myanmar
16. Belgium
17. Brazil
18. Canada
19. Paraguay
20. Saudi Arabia


Trade and export promotion center Nepal Government website…


nepal business demand

What can I export to Nepal as a small-scale international market demand?


1. Chemical-free soaps and healthcare products.
2. Diary products.
3. Silk, wool, and woven fabrics.
4. Cotton and cotton-made design cloths.
5. Wedding dresses.
6. Medical use tools.
7. Sportswear.
8. Diary products.
9. Packaging materials.
10. Paper-made lights.
11. Home decorative articles.
12. Rubber articles.
13. Wooden furniture.
14. Coffee, tea, and spices.
15. Organic fertilizers.
16. Cereals and cooking oils.
17. Restaurants and hotels used articles.
18. Footwear.
19. Toys.
20. Car parts.
21. Flowers.
22. Perfumes and cosmetics.
23. Honey.
24. Flexible design Chairs and tables.
25. Home decorative articles,


Nepal Government rules and import guide: Click here…





Nepal has a good international business environment. As per Nepal’s international market demand, you may prepare to supply your best quality with value, which may help to grow your business.As a professional trading partner powerlinekey always recommend a written commited business policy for small medium scale business start ups.


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