You are currently viewing Apply Rubber Board Dealer-Trading License in Simple Procedure | Documents | Steps

Apply Rubber Board Dealer-Trading License in Simple Procedure | Documents | Steps

Apply Rubber board dealer Trading license simple in procedure | Documents | Steps

Natural rubber board and industrial use increased after covid 19-pandemic. A rubber board and a business license are required to start a new business in India.

Natural rubber plays a huge role in our everyday life. When a baby is born rubber-made Mets are used, and after that, as the child grows, children require dolls, belongs, bicycles, motorcycles cars, and airplanes, and in every sector, rubber is used in different formats.

There are more than thousands of rubber products available in the present market. In this article, I am going to explain how you can get a rubber board or dealer license from the government of India online applying.

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Table of content:

  • Rubber industry and business in India:
  • Types of rubber board licenses in India:
  • Starting rubber business | Check before rubber dealer/trading license online apply:
  • Rubber dealer license required documents:
  • Getting a rubber board license to apply steps | Rubber business license procedure in India:
  • Rubber dealer license offline applies:
  • Rubber license in Tripura:
  • Important note/Conclusion:

Rubber industry and business in India:


India is one of the top ten natural rubber producers in the world. Indian Natural rubber is produced by many different states, Kerala and Tripura produce India’s major rubber. The government of India rubber board is the rubber regulatory authority of India.

The rubber board helps grow rubber plants, research, new rubber industry development, marketing, promotion, and administrative control by the Indian ministry of commerce and industry.
To run a rubber business you must have a rubber business license from the rubber board India.

rubber products made by natural rubber

Types of rubber board licenses in India:

Currently, the rubber board provides four types of rubber business licenses.

1. Rubber dealer license,
2. Rubber processing license,
3. Rubber manufacturing license,
4. Special license,

natural rubber made products by powerlinekey

Starting rubber business | Check before rubber dealer/trading license online apply:

There are many small medium-scale rubber business ideas in India. For starting a rubber business you must have a rubber business license from the rubber board of India for better business goal achievement. You may check the following documents you have before, the rubber dealer license application.

Rubber dealer/trading license required documents:

  • Business formation: ( proprietorship/partnership/company/organization etc)
  • Aadhar card,
  • Pan card: The proprietor may submit their own name pan card/however company or other business formation should provide it as per the company name pan card.
  • Business address,
  • Bank details/Bank guarantee,
  • Business dealing place or store,
  • Application/Form B,
  • An affidavit: An affidavit should be made As per the dealer license format given by the rubber board guideline. ( 1st class notary standard with 100rs stamp )
  • Fees:  Amount of 3540/- fees should be paid online or via demand draft. (keep the proof of fees paid, Demand draft, or online transaction receipt)
  • Attested photograph: (by a government official or notary)


How to apply rubber board license | Getting a rubber board license to apply steps | Rubber business license procedure in India

However, double-check your rubber dealer license required documents.
As per the new E-governance procedure, you can apply and submit your documents online under the Government rubber board portal.



rubber dealer-trading license online user registration procedure explained by powerlinekey

Applying rubber board license 1st step:

Visit the rubber board government website and check the latest licensing guideline, you will get all the necessary updated details in the portal, where fees should be transferred and original documents should be delivered.

If you have any nearest rubber board office you may also check with officials.

Applying rubber board license 2nd step:

Create one-time user password registration,

rubber dealer-trading license form b

Applying rubber board license 3rd step:

Fill the form B for the Dealer license,
upload documents and submit,
print your online submission report (Both sides) and keep a copy with all prepared documents.

indian rubber dealer license application form b filling

Applying rubber board license 4th step:

Submit your hard copies to the nearest rubber board office or head office, with your signature and seal.
If you submit online then your documents should be submitted within 1 to 2 days as per rubber board instruction.

Rubber Dealer/Trading license offline applies:

Prepare your documents and visit the nearest rubber board licensing section,
Verify your documents with officials
Send hard copies to

The Rubber Board head office:

Willingdon island, Kochi-3, Kerala-682003, India.
or head office

Applying Rubber business license in Tripura:

As per Tripura rubber board officials, you may prepare your documents and submit them at the Tripura office, officers will do the further online upload process to help you. Even online transaction help is also possible by the department.

Important note/Conclusion:

Rubber business is one of the most demandable business in the globe.Indian Rubber board officials are very helpful and supportive, but you must maintain your purchase and selling stock monthly with that, you will be able to submit your half-yearly or annual easy returns.

When After the date of license expiry, the Rubber dealer/trading license can be renewed online. Following these steps, you will be able to apply for your rubber board dealer license in India.
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