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Msme Classification | Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises

MSME Classification |  Micro, small and medium enterprise | Msme Kya Hay |


MSME Classification helps you find, which category or level of business you are situated in. Msme means Micro small and medium enterprises. In this article, I will explain what is MSME in English and Hindi, MSME classification, and the way to get a free MSME Government registration link.


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  • About Msme
  • What is MSME in India (English)
  • Msme Kya Hay Hindi
  • Msme sectors
  • Msme classification
  • MSME’s new classification:
  • How to get the Msme Government registration link


What is MSME in India (English):


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development act 2006” Constituted for those Positive, Productive, Enthusiastic, job creators micro small-medium scale businesses or entrepreneurs who are participating in the Country GDP Growth.


Whether you are providing any Service or Any Product Manufacturing! All Micro, Small, and Medium firms should be registered as Msme or Udyog Aadhar or Udyam registration. Those Competitive, Productive, Innovative, or creative outlets, can be part of Successful MSME. Udyam registration or certificate is also called MSME registration today.


micro small and medium enterprises,msme classification online


ामसमि क्या है :


MSME means Micro Small Medium Enterprises, Micro Small Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006”
Sadharan bhasame bolenge to ye wohi Positive, Productive, Enthusiastic, Job Creator log hay jo apne aur country ke GDP growth me jogdan reta hay. Udyam registration hi MSME registration hay aur certificate hay.



micro small medium enterprises sectors by

MSME’s classification | Micro small and medium enterprises sector list 


Micro small and medium enterprises have two sectors are following :

1. Manufacturing sector:

2. Service sector :



1. Msme’s Manufacturing sector classification:


As per the Ministry of Indian micro small and medium enterprises classification, which has Plant and machinery cost up to 25 lakh called Micro Enterprises.

Plant and machinery cost up to 5 crores called small Enterprises.

Plant and machinery cost up to10 crore called medium enterprises.



micro small medium enterprises service sectors explained by

A. Micro: Jiska Plant and Machinery Investment up to 25 lakh.
B. Small: Jiska plant and Machinery Investment up to 5 Crore.
C. Medium: Jiska plant and machinery investment up to 10 Crore.



2. Msme’s Service Sector classification:


Which has business investment up to 10 lakh is called Micro enterprise.

Which has investment up to 2crore is called small enterprises.

Which has investment up to 5 crores is called medium enterprises.



A. Micro –Jiska Investment up to 10 lakh.
B. Small – Jiska Investment up to 2 Crore.
C. Medium – Jiska investment up to 5 Crore.

Suggestion – Disha sahi hona chahiye / Learn day by day, one step high.


MSME’s new classification:


Investment in plant and machinery up to 1 crore and turn over up to 5 crore called micro-enterprises.

Investment in plant and machinery up to 10 crores and turnover up to 50 crores are called small enterprises.

Investment in plant and machinery up to 20 crores and turnover up to 100 crore called medium enterprises.


How to get MSME registration online link?


msme manufacturing sector blog explained

1. Visit Govt UAM online portal.

2. Follow the category guideline link.

3. Fill in Aadhar nr and name then validate and generate OTP.

4. Fill out the given form and submit it.


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Government of India MSME/UdyogAadhar/Udyam Registration Free: Link here



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