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Top Trending Business Task Keywords with High CPC

A trending Business task keyword search volume shows whether the business has the right demand or not! Starting a new business requires connecting your business with the right demand and supply. In this article, we are going to explore current business task keyword searches on the world wide web. These business keywords are also the most popular search in the USA and other latest growing countries. These trending business search keywords may help you with better business analysis.

Top 30 Trending Business Task Keywords with High

Here are the top 3o trending business task keywords with high CPC on the global market

Nr.Business TaskAvg. Monthly searches volumeCPCCompetition
1.Insurance100K – 1M$55.33Low
2.Loans100K – 1M$44.28Medium
3.Mortgage100K – 1M$44.19Low
4.Credit100K – 1M$36.06Low
5.Lawyer100K – 1M$35.86Low
6.Donate100K – 1M$34.22Low
7.Degree100K – 1M$33.52Low
8.Hosting100K – 1M$31.91Low
9.Claim100K – 1M$31.63Low
10.Conference Call10K – 100K$30.72Low
11.Trading100K – 1M$29.91Low
12.Software100K – 1M$29.55Low
13.Recovery100K – 1M$29.42Medium
14.Transfer100K – 1M$29.27Low
15.Energy100K – 1M
$8.95 Low
16.Gas1M – 10M
17.Electricity100K – 1M
18.Classes100K – 1M$25.70Low
19.Rehab10K – 100K$24.84Low
20.Treatment10K – 100K$24.39Low
21.Cord blood bank10K – 100K$24.23Medium
22.Mesothelioma10K – 100K$22.97Medium
23.Law Firm10K – 100K$22.51Low
24.Degree Online10K – 100K$21.34Medium
25.Insurance Quotes100K – 1M$20.94Medium
26,Online College10K – 100K
27.Online Schools10K – 100K
28.Online Classes10K – 100K$20.50Medium
29.Air Ambulance10K – 100K$20.15Medium
30.Global100K – 1M$42.89Low


These top trending business task keywords are based on global Searches, CPCs can vary depending on various locations, competition, and other factors. The results are analyzed and found by Google keyword research and other keyword research tools. Powerlinekey recommends before taking a step you may research and analyze as per your own niche interest-based.

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